Valley Broadcast Legends
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Meetings: 2nd Thursday even numbered months

Events: 21 February

2018: 8 Feb, 12 Apr, 14 Jun, 9Aug, 11 Oct, 13 Dec
Alhambra: Sacramento's Palace
of Fantasy

11:30 AM at The Club Pheasant in West Sacramento

A Documentary Film
8 February Sacramento Top 40 Radio Then & Now
Valley Broadcast Legend, Matías A. Bombal premier's his historic film documenting Sacramento's Roaring 20s movie palace: The Alhambra Theatre (1927-1973).

Tony Cox during his Top 40 Radio days, circa 1979.

And the Hits Keep on Comin’

Our very own Bud Kress is putting together a program that will rock your world … at least for an hour if not around the clock. Already inked for this gig are KROY/KFRC Legend and the voice of thousands of commercials Tony Cox, KSFM FM102 Morning Zoo host Chris Collins, and KXTV/10 and 100.5 NOW’s Mark S. Allen. Bud is also awaiting confirmation of the appearance of a notable Female Radio Person and one other “100 percent Legend” he lists as TBA.

The program (think Comic Con with local Superheroes) will include old air checks from the Great Ones, fun stories, questions from the audience and (we hope) answers rom the Great Ones, and scads of memorabilia strewn around the venue.

Details and tickets available via:








last edited 28 January 2018