Valley Broadcast Legends
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Sacramento Rock & Radio Museum Mission Statement:
The mission of the Sacramento Rock and Radio Museum is to celebrate the rock music culture of the Sacramento/Davis area by gathering and sharing historical information, memorabilia and artifacts.
San Francisco Bay Area Broadcast Legends
Our purpose...
To have fun with colleagues from the years when broadcasting was fun!
Modesto Radio Museum The Modesto Radio Museum is a virtual repository of the people, apparatus, and documents of commercial radio broadcasters of Modesto and surroundings. The museum connects the past with the present to inform and preserve the heritage of those pioneers who brought commercial radio to our area beginning in 1933.
The Legacy of 1240 KROY KROY's Legacy by Martin Ashley (aka Wonder Rabbit)
(August 1969 through March 1974)
Tangent Sunset Sacramento Radio History by Alex Cosper
Reel Radio Radio Repository The Original Radio Aircheck Website The Repository is a "Collection of Collections" and a continuing and combined effort of broadcasters and listeners who remember Top 40 Radio.

California Historical Radio Society


C.H.R.S. is a chartered non-profit corporation founded in 1974 to promote the restoration and preservation of early radio broadcsting. It is located at Berkeley's historic KRE-AM.
Bay Area Radio Museum Provides archival broadcasts, historical documents, photographs, music surveys ... tracing the history of radio in the San Francisco Bay Area from its origins.
Links to Regional Stations
Footprint: Madera to Corning, Vallejo to Arnold
THE  History of Telecommunication "Broadcasting" all the way back to smoke signals and before.
KJOY 1280 Radio History "The Great 128" as told by Bill Bishofberger et. al.
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