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HARRY SWEET Valley Broadcast Legends
Lifetime Achievement Award Dec. 14, 2012

Legend Mel Boyd presents the Valley Broadcast Legends first Lifetime Achievement Award to veteran KCRA photographer Harry Sweet.

We notified Harry of his honor at our December 14th meeting and took a group photo of our membership to become part of the award. On 7 Jan. 2013, Ron Middlekauff, Sue Peppers, and Mel Boyd visited Harry at home and presented it to him.

The moment was captured on video, and so was Harry’s indomitable spirit and still lively sense of humor. As Mel said in the presentation, during Harry’s 35-year career in Sacramento television, he was a pioneer in every sense of the word. Perhaps his most lasting achievement was saving some 25 million feet of film from the dumpster and placing it safely in universities and museums.

Congratulations to Harry for his lifetime contribution to Northern California broadcast history.

Harry Sweet Lifetime Achievement Award

last edited 26 January 2013